That receding trend is clear in this week’s composite chart, and is best depicted in the Ontario municipal chart where COVID viral counts are now back down to where they were in mid-October. That improvement is reflected to a lesser extent in the reduced positivity for PCR testing among the minority of Ontarians who still qualify. That same decline is likewise manifested in Canadian COVID hospitalization rates, though ICU admissions have thus far failed to drop nearly as sharply. 

The most recent estimate by the more independent COVID-19 Resources Canada Hazard Index of the number of Ontarians currently having active COVID infections remains one in 16, though that will hopefully also have declined once updated next week. 

Turning to the current mix of COVID variants, the US Centers for Disease Control now estimates that new JN.1 (non-XBB) family of Omicron variant has achieved utterly dominance, accounting for more than 94% of all new infections. Almost by definition, that means that it is far more adept that any of its predecessors at evading the immunity which almost all of us have achieved through some combination of vaccination and prior infection.